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Isolated lumbar extension resistance exercise for the rehabilitation of Pati…
(Orthopaedic Spine Center Dr. Alfen)

A Rational Approach to the Treatment
of Low Back Pain

(vol. 32, dec15, 2007)

The Effect of Early Isolated Lumbar Extension
(MedX Choi et al 2005)

Medizinische Kräftigungstherapie

Medical Strenghting Therapy
(European Spine Journal)

One-Year Follow-up Comparison of the Effectiveness of McKenzie Treatment
(vol. 32, dec15, 2007)

The Natural History of Age-related
Disc Degeneration

(vol. 32, dec1, 2007)

Operationen vermeiden,
Muskeln stärken
(Gesundheit Aktuell, 07.12.2011)